Yes votes on Health Control and Cap & Trade will earn Senators jail time!

Las Vegas, NV

Political and Business Strategic Consultant, now candidate for the US Senate Mike Wiley, who is the only Republican US Senate Candidate to have ever led a major rally to defeat gun control, made the following statement in honor of the two hundred thirty six anniversary of the Boston Tea Party.

The Boston born, now Battle Born Nevadan Wiley, a former radio talk show host and businessman for some thirty years was Massachusetts’ campaign spokesman for the “Buchanan for President” campaign in 1996 after he was removed from the airwaves by the Clinton FCC, has threatened to pursue indictments and incarceration for any US Senator who violates his oath of office by committing financial fraud against the American Taxpayer by voting in favor of either the unconstitutional “Health Control” or the “Cap & Trade” Bills designed to defraud the American Taxpayer out of their property – money.

“Two hundred and thirty six years ago today in Boston Harbor, the Sons of Liberty, a Patriotic group of Bostonians dumped tea into the harbor to protest the King’s decision to tax people on products while they had no representation in the government levying the taxes.

Today we have a group of frauds in Washington telling the American people they represent them when in reality they represent a group of international zealots bent on world domination whose first step is to suck money out of the wallets of Americans to be sent overseas for dispersement by a world Body that does not represent the American taxpayer.

Both the “Health Control” and the “Cap & Trade” Bills are clear violations of the Constitution, which the current core of US Senators have taken an Oath of Office to uphold.

Because these two bills built on lies and factual half-truths designed to transfer trillions of dollars at the detriment to the American Economy for the benefit of a suspect world authority, these actions are to be considered Economic Treason, Violations of Oath of Office and Criminal Fraud.

As a law abiding citizen and once a member of the US Senate sworn to uphold to protect and defend the Constitution, I will do everything in my power to reverse the course of these actions and to initiate investigations and prosecutions to those who aid and abet this treason with their Senate vote of yeah or yes.”

Pledged this day the 16th of December 2009, – Mike Wiley

Republican Conservative Candidate for US Senate.