Barack Obama and the Tooth Fairy

For Release: December 9, 2009 Las Vegas, NV

Barack Obama and the Tooth Fairy

Conservative Pro-Life, Pro-Gun, Statesman Mike Wiley now a candidate for the Republican Primary for US Senate in Nevada is amazed how the media and his fellow Republicans believe that Barack Obama means well and that we should not speak ill of the communist or fascist takeover of America.

“If it wasn’t for conservative talk show hosts Rush Limbaugh and Mark Levin saying exactly what I am saying, I would be losing my mind; like Harry Reid,” Wiley said.

Yesterday, a caller to Levin’s show told the story of how his brother and sister, who were both Judges in Venezuela prior to Hugo Chavez being elected to power in 1998, had to leave the country because freedom no longer exists under the Socialist Regime of Chavez.

The caller stated that Barack Obama is doing everything that Chavez did to remove freedom and is creating a socialist dictatorship. Yet we have Republicans sitting around on their butts trying to amend Democrat legislation on a Health Care Bill that is unconstitutional. How much longer will this state of Vichy Republicans exist?

And now the EPA’s Lisa Jackson has taken over the country, without one shot being fired, by declaring that the EPA would regulate carbon dioxide, which is what our bodies produce during breathing, stating that carbon dioxide is pollution and a threat to public health. But that is okay, because the Tooth Fairy is going to save us and no third party or Tea Party movement will form since all independents and conservatives support the Do-Nothing Wing of the Republican Party.

That’s right if you believe that Barack Obama is not trying to take this country over and turn it into a Socialist dictatorship without firing a shot, then you might as well believe in the Tooth Fairy.

And she will just wave her magic wand and we will all awake from our nightmare and find out that George W Bush is still President, unemployment is still at 4.5%, we are all current on our mortgage, the 2003 Republican Congress did not fold under pressure from the Democrat Black Caucus and they did indict Franklin Raines and Jaime Gerelick and resolve the Fannie Mae crisis, that Mike Ditka did run for the US Senate seat in Illinois in 2006 and won, leaving no Senator Barack Obama, and the Giants didn’t score with 35 seconds left giving my beloved Patriots a 19-0 season and a win for their 4th Super Bowl of the decade.

Wait a minute this sounds like an episode of the Twilight Zone when Vic Morrow; 60’s TV star of Combat walks out of a bar and finds himself in Nazi Germany.

Next thing you know Sharron Angle will discover that there is a Terrorist Trial going on in New York and she will try and stop it on the same day Danny Tarkanian reads about the Fed for the first time and decides it should be audited because Mike Wiley said so in a speech three weeks prior while Senator Jim Demint jumps on Ron Paul’s Audit-the-Fed band wagon.

John Chachas is still trying to figure out his answer as to why he donated $2,300 to Barack Obama’s campaign, while Sue Lowden is stuck on page 1,219 of the National Health Care bill but she still hasn’t figured out that it was unconstitutional starting on page one.

As Jon Ralston would say Yikes!

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