Harry Reid has lost his mind!

For Release: December 8, 2009 Las Vegas, NV

Harry Reid has lost his mind!

Republican Pro-Life, Pro-Gun, Conservative US Senate candidate Mike Wiley has issued the following statement on Harry Reid’s recent assertions about the Republican Party supporting slavery by its opposition to the National Health Care scam being perpetrated by the Democrat Party:

“It is obvious that Harry Reid has lost his mind and needs to seek psychiatric treatment.”

“How else would one explain his pathetic assertion that the Republican Party supported slavery?

We can understand Harry not remembering what he learned in the public school system, because he attended school before the Liberals perverted the education system. Harry would have been taught the truth about the “War between the States” when the North, which was led by Republican President Abraham Lincoln, fought the South to free the slaves.

Now, it is evident that the pressure building on Harry Reid to force legislation of a bill that 85% of Americans do not want is causing him to fold like a deck chair on the Titanic, a fitting image when considering what his leader Barack Obama is doing to the economic well being of the American nation.

Harry Reid’s efforts on the Obama Health Care Bill would enslave Americans into a menagerie of rules and regulations with IRS penalties, taxation and jail time, similar to that of the dreaded Hillary Clinton Health Care Plan proposal that got Americans to the polls in great numbers in 1994 to elect Republicans to Congress.

The Democrat Party has always been the party of slavery and control of the people. And the Obama Health Care Plan is their latest attempt to control the lives of the American people, while the 2008 Democrats embrace their latest socialist experiment of Fascism or National Socialism.

Harry Reid will soon be 4-F’d out of his US Senate Seat by the Obama administration prior to March and replaced by a better polling Democrat. Democrat presidents like Clinton and Obama, who violate the Constitution as normal protocol, always need the protection of a majority in the Senate just in case Impeachment rears its ugly head or a dress gets stained.

Harry Reid’s failed advertising campaign to improve his ratings among Nevadans this fall will force him to book cruise tickets to the Caribbean this coming spring.

It is better for Harry to sail off into the sunset, then to sink like the Titanic in his last election.

So long Harry, Bon Voyage! And don’t forget to save a seat for Nancy and Barry!”