It’s the Constitution, Stupid!

For Release: November 17, 2009 Las Vegas, NV

Conservative Pro-Life, Pro-Gun, Statesman Mike Wiley, whose supporters consider the true conservative in the Republican Primary for US Senate wants to remind a few of his fellow Republicans masquerading as conservatives, that “It’s the Constitution, Stupid!”

In the mold of the famous quote by Clinton consultants for the 1992 Presidential campaign, “It’s the economy, stupid!” Wiley wants to remind his fellow US Senate candidates that if they are going to try and pass themselves off as conservatives then they need to understand that the Constitution, as written, is the rule of law of this great Republic.

The attempt by the Democrat controlled Congress to mandate and control national healthcare violates the 10th Amendment of the Constitution, is a violation of the McCarran-Ferguson Act of 1945, Federal legislation all Nevadans should know, and begs the question did anyone forget USA versus Butler in 1936?

One Republican candidate masquerading poorly as a conservative is getting press for his idea of initiating state legislation when, and if, an unconstitutional health care plan becomes law.

In order to maintain a united front, against the Democrats and their Socialist schemes, Conservatives need to stand together and say “NO!” to Socialism.

All Republicans recognize that a 10.2 percent unemployment rate screams to the electorate that the economy is in dire straits. And, as Conservative Republicans we know that the damage can only be repaired through Federalism.

Reducing the size of government and the tax bite on Americans will result in an improved economy, these are the principles of Ronald Reagan and Milton Friedman and we know that they work.

Now is not the time to try and gain press coverage through the use of political gimmicks and stunts that diminish an established united Republican response and leads to the perception that Republicans are going to cave to the Democrats and their Socialist masters.

If you want to proffer an idea why not propose a moratorium on immigration until the job market improves and unemployment drops to 5 or 7 percent? If you really want to stimulate the economy, how about a 90-day elimination of taxes on individuals and businesses? Have the IRS forego the preparation and filing of the 1st quarter 2010 – 941 form.

Now is not the time to give Democrats an edge on a national healthcare plan that 85% of Americans rejected, by implying that we will accept what they legislate with a “what if we surrender” scenario mentality.

If the national health care bill passes and becomes law, Blue Dogs will become Hot Dogs for the roasting they’ll receive by Conservatives in the 2010 Congressional races. True Conservatives will be difficult to beat in the 2010 races, which is not news to the Democrats.

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