Open Letter to Barack Hussein Obama mm mm mm

October 9, 2009


President Barack Hussein Obama

The White House

1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

Washington, DC 20500


Dear Mr. Obama,


Being awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for Socialism is the world’s way of saying, they see and like what you are doing to keep the American people, where they believe is proper, behind, and subservient to, every other country.


Last night, at the Consumer Advocacy Group Town Hall in Las Vegas, I heard people of all nationalities explain how they are continuing to lose their homes to foreclosure due in large part to the Fannie Mae mortgage scam you helped Acorn and Bill Clinton orchestrate.


Not only did your efforts to assist unqualified people receive a mortgage, during the Clinton administration, cause an unnatural bubble in the Housing Market, which has since crashed causing this current undeclared depression; you also created a phony stimulus program resulting in an economic malaise that has crippled job creation.


On behalf of the citizens of Nevada, and the rest of these United States, I ask that you give the American people a 90-day reprieve from the Socialist onslaught of our economy by agreeing to a ceasefire.  This might allow Americans to catch up to your economic Blitzkrieg.


Starting November 1st 2009 please initiate the following economic directives to your Czars and Czarina’s.


1.       Provide all legal Americans with the Timothy Geithner 90-day pass on paying any and all Federal payroll and income taxes.

2.       Provide all legal Americans with the Charlie Rangel pass on real estate transaction reporting by halting foreclosures for 90 days.

3.       Send Congress on an early holiday recess, for not less than 90 days, keeping them out of Washington and out of our pockets.

4.       Close down all non-essential Federal departments, like Education, Energy, Transportation and HUD including the criminal organizations of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, for 90 days to reduce the American tax burden.  The employees of these organizations can file for unemployment for those 90 days as had most of the Americans who have lost their jobs.


A 90-day freeze on taxes and government will provide a tremendous economic boost to the nation. I know this is contrary to what you have in mind, but I ask that your non-radical side, your compassionate side take into account what you have done to the American People in such a short period of time.


It would be greatly appreciated by yours truly and the millions of Americans who came to Washington last month. Or would you prefer that we visit on a more regular basis eventually carrying more than signs?




Mike Wiley

Republican Conservative for the US Senate seat in Nevada formerly held by Harry Reid.