Looney Left Says Muslims are Terrorists!

Drug flag! The latest blithering groupthink drivel from the Journolist master control program is a good example of the bewildering psychotic state of the Lying Left. They now claim the furor over the Ground Zero Mosque will trigger an intifada among young Muslims:

“On Sunday Frank Rich speculated that the stoked up furor over the Lower Manhattan mosque could result in a threat to our national security.”

Last week they told us that Muslims are peaceful. Now they tell us that young Muslims will turn into terrorists if we move the Mosque ten blocks from Ground Zero. Is this an ethnic trait–a little First Amendment exercise and Muslims turn into violent, bubble-head puppets of some crackpot Imam on the internet?

That sounds like an argument for profiling Muslims. Brilliant! The Looney Left, in the throes of doped-up professional leftist delirium, makes the case for special bomb screening of all Muslims at airports.

God help American Muslims if anyone actually believes this nonsense. The government response in Muslim clubs and neighborhoods would be COINTELPRO to the tenth power on steroids.

But of course, it’s an utterly stupid theory. The Mosque controversy is the number one topic in Islamic chatrooms? It’s the number one topic on Twitter! The way I see it, if Imam Rauf tells you America murdered 500,000 Muslim children and you’re still sitting on your butt in ‘jihadi chatrooms’, the Mosque controversy ain’t gonna do it for you.

Two points: First, the Left says we must leave the Mosque at Ground Zero because it would make Muslims angry to move it. See how they automatically prioritize Muslim hurt feelings over Christian and Jewish hurt feelings.

I am sorry that Muslim feelings are being hurt, but that’s Cordoba’s fault. And Mayor Bloomberg’s. Moving the Mosque is inevitable ( assuming we can trust Eric ‘America is a Nation of Cowards’ Holder not to impede an FBI counter-terrorism audit of Cordoba’s funding, which smells of terrorist links–come on!). We should use diplomacy when the Mosque is relocated — a high profile ground-breaking ceremony that applauds Muslims for agreeing to a harmonious settlement. Diplomacy is of course beyond the comprehension of professional leftists on dope.

Second, it’s the Opponents of a Peaceful Settlement that desperately struggle to frame the Mosque controversy as an insult to all Muslims. Supporters of a Peaceful Compromise do not say ‘We Blame All Muslims for 9/11’ or ‘We Are At War With Islam.’ We say, ‘move the Mosque to a more harmonious location.’ So it is the Left that very stupidly, deliberately, and I hope futilely, tries to inflame Muslims into terrorists over this issue.

It’s one of many things I despise about white Leftists. Aside from a tiny number of drug-crazed psychopaths like the Weathermen, they dream of ‘The Revolution’ but don’t have to guts to take up arms themselves to bring ‘The Revolution.’ Instead they try to incite non-whites to violence: black riots or Islamic terrorism. They are just the worst — political leeches, tapeworms, totalitarian vermin. They are the biggest hypocrites in this country.

One thing is true, though. The Ground Zero Mosque has damaged American-Islamic relations. That’s why they should move the Mosque. And where is President ‘No Comment’ in this worsening diplomatic disaster? Right where he was as the BP environmental disaster worsened, covering his you-know-what. Which makes it hard for Prez to get his you-know-what kissed by his legion of you-know-what-kissers, but we all have to make sacrifices.