A report from Pennsylvania

Hello Redstate! I am a sophomore at Geneva College in Beaver Falls, PA, about 45 minutes NW of Pittsburgh. I have been a member here for a long time but never wrote too much. Today I am writing because I have some encouragement to offer, and I know that, as this election is all about turnout, encouragement is a very useful thing.

I have been working at the Beaver County McCain headquarters in Beaver, PA (about 15 min. from Beaver Falls). Beaver County is a mainly Democratic area, but the people are Americans first – many former vets living in towns with spine-tingling names like “Indpendence” and “Freedom”. As of Wednesday, the 19th of April, 2008, there were 113,500 registered voters in the county, 67,522 Democrats and 35,523 Republicans.1. However, in 2004, Sen. Kerry only won the county 51%-48%2, which was the same margin with which he won the state overall.

We have a very committed core staff at the office. Sen. McCain’s coordinator for Beaver County is a former US Marine and DC cop. He is enthusiastic, optomistic, and energetic. He explains that he took the job as coordinator because “no one else was doing it and it needed to be done.” This man is an American hero. It is because of men like this that the Republic is free today, and I pray that, in part because of men like him, the Republic will stay free tomorrow. Also working there is a paid McCain staffer who is from Iowa but has worked in about five states this election season. He is also excited and is super enthusiastic about the election.

In the last few weeks, there were generally three to four people in the office, all told. However, this week, it has been difficult to keep the phones charged, as so many people are volunteering that we don’t have time to charge them. We are making several thousand calls a night. On Friday night, we made over 2 thousand calls, and had about 550 people confirm their support for Sen. McCain (although we made 2,000+ calls, most of them ended up on an answering machine, so we had a very high support rate for Sen. McCain among people we actually reached).

I have made these types of calls in Pennsylvania for the last three elections now – since 2004, when I was 16 – and I can tell you personally that normally, most people are frustrated that they keep receiving phone calls from campaigns, but this year, while that still happens, it happens much less often. According to the McCain campaign staffer in the office, the response rates are very positive, much more positive than anything we saw for Pres. Bush in 2004.

I want to also tell you a story he shared with me from the Primary days, when Sen. McCain was at the bottom of the pile, and everyone told him to get out of the race. He was one of only three guys left in a McCain campaign office somewhere, and all three of them moved into the same room to try to boost morale. One of the men in the room received a phone call, and all three could hear what was being said. The caller (a conservative Republican supporting Romney or Huckabee) mockingly congratulated them on having the faithfulness to stick around at a losing campaign. The staffer on the other end of the line replied that when Sen. McCain received his party’s nomination, the staffer would remember the caller who had inspired him to stick with the campaign and win the primary. Sure enough, after Sen. McCain won, the staffer called the man. The man had nothing to say to him, other than that he was also now supporting Sen. McCain.

The moral of this story is that “its never over till its over!” I am convinced that Sen. McCain will win Pennsylvania and he will win the election. Just as the staffer used a mocking caller as incentive to fight harder, lets use the skewed polls, the mass media bias, the snotty Obama campaign, “moral authority” of the Hollywood elites, and the foregone conclusion that Sen. McCain will lose as inspiration to go win this thing. Nothing right now is more important. If, over the next two days, we can convince people to get out and vote, WE WILL WIN THIS ELECTION.


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