CNN recognizes heroes slain in Afghanistan

In my gmail inbox, I saw this headline and clicked on it: Commentary: Elegy for heroes slain in Afghanistan

I was thinking, wow, it’s nice to see a CNN article praising our troops! However, when I got to the page and began reading the article, I realized that the article was not about members of the United States Armed Forces. No, this article was about five International Rescue Committee members who were ambushed by terrorists.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure the IRC was doing great things. I’m sure that they have helped many people, and made the world a better place.

But what irked me was the way that CNN had no problem with titling an article about slain IRC members in a way that made it sound like the article was about soldiers. It was almost as if they used the words to drive home their political agenda and belief that our soldiers are NOT heroes.

In fact, the truth is that our soldiers give their lives to protect not just America, but the entire world, from the very people who were responsible for the incident in this article.

I am not surprised by CNN’s take on it, just further saddened.