Time for a coalition.

Today my wife and I went to the St. Louis Tea Party in Washinton MO. There were about 3000 strong in attendance despite the inclement  weather. While we enjoyed ourselves and enjoyed listening to the great speakers(especially Dana LoeschSP?), we made one glaring observation: we are still fragmented as a movement.

Everywhere we looked, people had their own cause, there own website. Don’t get me wrong it is great to see everyone come out and all colors of the conservative rainbow represented. But, it again it felt unfocused. So, in the car on the way home, my wife and I decided that the direction the Tea Party movement needs to take is to unite all of these small interests under one umbrella. What we are talking about is developing one official conservative organization and website that achieves the following objectives:

  • Serves as a clearing house for all information pertaining to conservative issues and concerns: links to the little sites, list of conservative events and other opportunities for activism etc.


  • should be a place where we can pool our money and resources.


  • Be a media outlet where potential conservative canidates can gain recognition and speak directly to the American People the same way Reagan did.

As I see it right now, the situation is calling for a leader who is willing to come forth, announce their canidacy, and stand up to Obama and his Syndicate. A strong coalition of all these small conseravtive and libertarian causes will inspire and bolster such a leader.

As my wife put it, I wish we were this organized last year. If that had been the case, we might have seen different election results. With that in mind, it is time to step up our game. I believe we can do it. I believe we can turn back this “Socialist Tsunami.”  But again, in order to do that, we have to create an environment that is organized as well as inspirational, to spawn a leader who can go to Washington and take on this “Pirate Kingdom” that is being created.


God Bless.