Regrets regarding Sarah Palin

The day after the election I signed up on Redstate and one of my first posts was about why I thought Sarah Palin was not the one to run 2012. Now, it’s been three days since I have heard the news that she is stepping down from office… and I can’t help but wish I could take that diary back.

The lesson, mainly for me, is that true conservative figures are few and far between. So, when one comes along we need to rally around them. Sarah Palin deserved such treatment.

Some say that she is the equivalent to Ronald Reagan. WIth respect to her, and I hope she would agree, there will never be another Ronald Reagan; and we should stop looking for another. What Sarah Palin is, is Sarah Palin.  She is Sarah Palin who in 2009 is a conservative when no other Republican dares to be one.

Yesterday at the St. Louis Tea Party, a speaker compared our conservative activism against Obama and his gang’s mischief a Civil War. The resignation of Sarah Palin was Fort Sumter. I think, while this analogy is a little over the top, it does contain the type of fervor that we need to maintain to win this fight. Let’s take that kind of spirit and run with it. On that note here is what I believe our next step should be.

We need to take a pound of flesh from the next liberal media figure that crosses our path. Hopefully it will be David Letterman. But, I will settle for a John Stewart or Janeane Garofallo(who cares about spelling). Let us carry on that culture war and go around and look for a fight.