Meghan McCain and why we should defend former President Bush

The more I watch that You Tube clip of Meghan McCain’s embarrassing appearance on Real Time with Bill Maher, the more I realize how off the mark we were in throwing George Bush overboard as a strategy for trying to beat the Dems in 08.

I have to admit, my anger at Bush for going completely off the Res on some very key issues, clouded my judgement. I mean who could ever forget his State of the Union speech in 06 when he mugged into the camera and went “Green”.  Remember: America is addicted to oil. 

But, my mistake and others was to not put that anger aside. And as a result, we allowed Team Obama to trash a sitting American Republican President.

As hard as it was, we owed it to ourselves and this country to highlight Bush’s good deeds. We should have drove home day after day how he kept us safe. In fact wouldn’t it have been nice if John McCain looked Barack Obama in the eye and said “We all owe President Bush a great debt for not allowing another attack to happen on his watch… further more I will never forget when he went on television on 9/11 and promised us that freedom would be defended… and it was.”  But he didn’t say that.

Instead, he ran a cowardly campaign and in the end, like he always does, tried to break bread with the other side by not confronting his liberal colleagues(ahem Barney Frank, Chris Dodd) in Congress who were truly responsible for the economic meltdown. And he threw Sarah Palin to the wolves. All this culminating in a very early night for the country on Nov 2, 2008 when Barack Obama defeated McCain handily.

Meghan McCain just reenforces why we want to run away from her dad’s brand of Republicanism.  And she also serves as a reminder that it is time to start defending a former president who I think has the wrong ideas as to what it means to be a Conservative, but was a decent man who loves this country, and acted decisively and courageously when the situation called for it.

WIth that said here are a few retorts to some of the standard comments pertaining to Former President Bush.

  • Obama inherited this economy from Bush: No he inherited it from Barney Frank, Chris Dodd, and Nancy Pelosi.
  • Bush lied about weapons of mass destruction and people died:  Former President Bush made the most of some bad intel and as a result, Saddam Hussien died.
  • The reason why we have high gas prices is because Bush and Cheney were in bed with Big Oil: No, we have high gas prices because Obama and other like minded politicians are in bed with Environmentalists.

Have fun…and fight the good and necessary fight.