To all those who support Obama

It is my prevailing philospohy that we should not hold Obama responsible for the damage he has caused this country. You have all read my previous diaries which espouse this belief.

With that said, I would like to address my remarks to all Obama supporters.


  • First: I want to say you all have been very silent since the election. What’s the matter cat got your tongue? How come no one has weighed in on how your guy is doing?


  • Two: If you need help articualting your thoughts on your President /Messiah/Sun King, I challenge you to answer this question: What economic policy of his do you think has been the most effective?  I will look forward to the statistical and anecdotal evidence to back up your glowing praise.

I know that if I were to ask an Obama Supporter this question their answer might include allusions to Former President Bush and the Iraq war and how much money was spent fighting it. Taking all of that into account, I want you to know this: In 2012, the Republican Challenger whoever that is, will, if he or she wants to, be able to run on Former President Bush’s record. In otherwords, just so we are all clear in my meaning, Obama’s performance in office will have been so bad that he will make President Bush look like Ronald Reagan. And while I am on the subject let’s list some of Bush’s achievements.

  • He brought down one of the most brutal dictators in our time.


  • He lowered my taxes which for some time stimulated the economy.


  • He restored decency to the White House which was badly needed after 8 years of his predecessor.


  • He provided steady, calm leadership during the worst attack on our soil since Pearl Harbor.

I am hoping you will find those points helpful as well. Feel free to compare Obama’s achievements to those.