One from the heart of a true Conservative.

As six months have passed and I have watched with all the rest of you in horror at what is being done to our country.  I have come to two conclusions.

  • Bush was not a Conservative(something I knew back in 99) and in the remaining months of his presidency he did not try to hide it… as we saw with his endorsement of TARP. The quote of his that still sticks in my craw is this: I chunked my free market principles…     Someone needs to remind  our former president that in order “chunk” your free market principles you first have to have them. Well maybe he thought he had them. Which leads me to my second point. Bush with all of his foibles was a nice man. And I believe he truly wanted to make this country a better place for future generations. And again, for all his foibles deserves all of us to recognize him as a former American President.


  • Obama on the other hand is not a nice person. I truly believe he hates me, hates this country, hates capitalism and wants to tear apart everything about this country that is dear to every American. I believe he has achieved half of that goal. This to me is conduct unbecoming of a president. As a result I do not consider him my president. I will do so when he starts acting like an American President and not a king or a dictator.

What I do recognize is the office of president–and I salute it. And I do recognize the rule of law and the laws of this country. Which is why we need to be studying the Constitution and demanding that our leaders answer to that document. This means more rallies, more visits to our state capitals. This means that a leader/ presidential canidate needs to emerge now. We need to beat this drum everyday… we have to be active supporters. I believe our rallying around Sarah Palin against David Letterman should be a model as to how we behave in the future. So, in closing, FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT!!! But fight peacefully and don’t do anything to dishonor this great free nation of ours. May God bless each and every one of us.