LETTERMAN MUST GO(thoughts and musings)

I have a new mission… and that mission is David Letterman. I will blog everyday about him until he is gone. It is my goal to end his career as a late night talk show host.   What follows is some very harsh rhetoric.

There is nothing that this puerile man can do to make amends for his assault on Willow Palin. It is my desire to make sure he never lives down what he said about this girl.  We need to fuel this fire. We need to keep the pressure on the networks. I am going to do everything “legally and peacefully” I can to make this happen.

So who is with me? Who is angry about this? I know alot of you are. If so, can we make a pact to hang this goblin’s deed not just around him, but others like  him?

I feel a fight is long over due and this to me is it. Folks let’s get hungry for political and professional scalps and right now Letterman’s will do. Let’s go to war! This post is short and I apologize. But I assure  there is more to come.