How far do they have to go?

After hearing Wanda Syke’s comments about Rush Limbaugh dying of kidney failure,after seeing Pres. Obama yucking it up, I am left with one question: How far do these people have to go? But this question is like spitting in the wind; and he who spits in the wind deserves what he gets. So what do we do?


I read another diary last night about Republican Strategy. Here is my contribution.

  • We make sure that Mz. Sykes comments become the Obama Adminstration’s number one plank in their political platform.

They need to own this one.  This is pure hate. It is hatred of all of us who are the true patriots. I don’t need to say any more. I won’t say more.


PS. Mz Sykes don’t bother apologizing for offending any of us: You disgust us.