Righteous Anger

This weekend I watched the documentary, Michael Moore Hates America; and there was one scene that made the biggest impression on me:

A man in Flint Michigan  who had started his own delicatessen was in the process of giving an unsatisfied customer her money back. He gave her money back and apologized for her disatisfaction. She took the money and as she walked out the door, you heard off screen ,glass shattering. The camera then moved to a plate glass window that had been broken: although you never saw her actually do it, it was quite clear that she smashed the window.

As I think about this scene, it is symbolic of how all of us sometimes bend over backwards to make nice with liberals–of how we keep our mouths shut so as not to offend– and how our Republican Representitives in Congress reach across the aisle in friendship. The end result in all these cases is that we offer our hand and end up pulling back a bloody stump.

My own experience with family members is no different. In the past I have made every effort to be respectful an learn as much as possible from my liberal relatives about their political views. I never provoked and never challenged outright.  In return, I got insults for my choice in political ideaology, and just recently was called a “Tea Bagger” and a Racist. Then along with my wife, I was defriended on Facebook by a relative who shall be nameless who didn’t like the fact that they were respectfully called on their slander and hypocrisy. Even though this is not as extreme as the previous example, it hurt just the same.

And I guess the reason why it hurt was because like the window incident, it was unexpected. One always wants to believe they will be rewarded for doing the right thing– and one never realizes until it is too late that they are dealing with people who don’t  have any control over their impulses. They shoot first and sometimes never asks questions– and when they find out they hurt someone,  they shrug it off like it was no big deal. In the case of Liberals/Socialists, they write it off as a sacrifice for the greater utopian good.

Well, I don’t know about you, but I have had enough. One of my favorite stories in the Bible is where Jesus drove the money changers out of the temple.  This was where he took a rope and knocked over their tables and smashed their merchandise and ran every one out of the temple. I like this story because this is the one and only time Jesus gets violent… and the message is that his reaction was more than appropriate and in his case, divine. To me it was appropriate because it was fueled by righteous anger.  Righteous anger is an emotion that is backed by love. In simple terms, he loved God and the idea of church. He loved it so much that he felt he had to take some dynamic action to save it. This, people is what we need: righteous anger. Righteous anger people, equals courage. Please understand, I do not advocate the destruction of personal property. If I did, that would negate my outrage over what I saw in that documentary. But what I do promote is the victory and defeat over a diseased ideaology as that of Liberalism/Socialism.  I believe in order to do that we need to damn the torpedos and forge ahead. Again, we need righteous anger… anger backed by love. In our case love of the United States of America.

And when I say love, I don’t mean love of its physical beauty. I mean love of the Founding Principles. Love of the original documents… respect for the sacrifices the Founding Fathers made. This is as easy as going to your library and checking out the Federalist Papers. Or pick up the writings of Abraham Lincoln… and definately read the Declaration of Independance, the Constitution. As you read these documents, let that love build!! Does this sound crazy? Does it sound stupid? God I hope so! Because it is time to get crazy. It is time to be crazy over this country and all that she stands for.  Once you have that crazy love, then you’ll see that this country is as sacred as a temple. And you’ll see “the moneychangers” are selling our future like fowl and livestock.  And this will turn to righteous anger; again, anger backed by love.

Then, once you have that Anger/love, practice what I call focused acts of small courage. The kind of courage my wife displayed when she stood up for herself, her immediate family(me) and our conservatism.  Then let those acts of courage build… so, when the time comes all of us can go after that person who smashed our neighbor’s window and take them by the scruff of the neck and drag them to the police station and demand justice. Then we can metaphorically do the same to Liberalism/Socialism.

I feel much better now.

God Bless and be well.