Dick Cheney

As much of a disappointment I feel George Bush was(and as Obama marches on it gets easier and easier to defend Ole George) I  will always have a soft spot for Dick Cheney; I am glad to see he is speaking out and may he continue. Now, please excuse me while I do some Chris Matthews gushing about this man– and understand these are all my opinions. I  have very few if no facts to back them up.

  • Next to Reagan, Cheney is the epitome of what a solid president should look like; there is nothing metro about this man.
  • After watching him savage Edwards in the VP debate of the 2004 elections I would love to have seen what he would have done to Obama– and would love to see him stare down world dictators.
  • Corollary to my first point. He is an adult. Not a petulant man child.
  • He is plain spoken and looks like he approaches life with a straight forward philosophy.

I’d say if he was any younger, he should be who we look to as our canidate in 2012. Again, I sincerly hope we hear more from him. This party needs his anchoring presense at this crucial time.