To the Future Republican Canidate

I hate to keep looking inward and sound like I am attacking Republicans when I should be attacking Democrats– and most of all our current administration. I don’t like sounding as though I am unable to let the past go. But everytime I hear of another bailout or socialist policy being touted… or everytime I think of Rahm Emanuel’s philosophy of don’t let a good crisis go to waste…and everytime I think of Saul Alinsky and our Community Organizer In Chief, I can’t help but remember the 8 year journey we all took with our former Republican Leaders that brought us to this point where our beloved Republic is hanging by a thread. So with that said here is a list of Do’s and Don’ts that you will follow if you expect to get my vote. I will start with the don’ts.


  • Don’t run as a Compassionate Conservative.
  • Don’t run as a Maverick Republican
  • Don’t pal around with a little egghead with glasses who tells you to flip off your Conservative Base in order to pick off Democratic Voters.
  • Don’t ask for my Conservative vote when you have no intention of championing my Conservative beliefs.
  • Don’t talk about how you were able to work with the other side of the aisle when you were Governor of your state.
  • Don’t be a bumbler.
  • Don’t choose a VP that we all like and then mishandle him/her.
  • Don’t talk about Green Energy.
  • Don’t suspend your campaign to go to Washington to rubber stamp the biggest Socialist power grab we have seen our lifetime since the New Deal.
  • Don’t parrot your opponent’s talking points.


  • Do run as a Conservative.
  • Do find a campaign manager in the mold of the late great Lee Atwater.
  • Do talk about having our own oil supply.
  • Do call your opponent un patriotic if they deserve it.
  • Do point out in the debate their associations with unsavory people.
  • Do point out how their policies have ushered in Socialism.
  • Do point out how they are weak on foreign policy.
  • Do talk about how you will appoint Conservatives in your cabinet.
  • Do talk about how you will appoint Supreme Court Judges who will not cite foreign law in their opinions.

Last week’s tea parties should be a clear example of what we would like your message to be. And let me remind you that Bob Dole and John McCain did not make it to the White House. We will settle for nothing less than a Conservative who spits fire and eats the other side for breakfast.