The Dixie Who?

By now we have all heard Mizz Garofalo’s rant. We all feelthe outrage. But it is time to pick up the pieces of our own egos and clarify and put her comments in perspective. Mizz Garafolo and the dog slobber that yesterday came from her mouth is symbolic of who we as Tea Party goers need to focus our attack on. It is the supporters of Obama we need to go after– and in the case of Garofalo and others, the supporter’s who have influence and the loudest voices. It won’t be enough to win in Washington. The Culture War  is 75 percent of this battle. If we don’t win that fight, any victory in Washington will be hollow; as well the victorious Republican Canidates we elect. How do we this? The answer lies in the following example.

The Dixie Chicks! “The Dixie Who?” you ask. Exactly! This was our finest moment as Conservative Culture Warriors; the year they made those comments over seas about our sitting President( and who I will say is not the same guy who left office this last January). This was the year we told Natalie Maines and her other two harpies to get the hell out of Nashville– and as a result we put them right where they belong– in the obscure coffee houses; the land of silly berets and bad poetry. And, they have been crying ever since.

So let’s bottle up that zeal and do the same to Mizz Garafolo and any other Hollywood scum who cross our paths and assault our country’s values and principles.