Zingers for Liberals

If you try and beat a Liberal with facts, they will call you stupid and essentially take their ball and go home. They usually give you about twenty seconds of air time before they sucker punch you. The key to arguing with a Liberal is to master the art of the zinger. So, without further fanfare, here are a few that I have come up with:


1. to be used when a Lib tells you that Barack inherited such and such problem from Bush.

 Just because he inherited the problem, doesn’t mean he has the license to exacerbate it.


2. to be used when a Lib tries to explain what Barack is doing to fix the economy; the lead off might sound like this:

Barack is trying to stimulate the economy….

Your response:  I’d prefer he not try socialism…

Additional response: Furthermore, I only want him to succeed on the merit of the core beliefs of the Founding Fathers and  the principles of the Consitution…

3. for when a liberal says in regard to the bailouts that “we have to do something”.

Wrong! We need to do the “Right thing”.


4. for when a Lib asks about all the jobs that are going to be lost if we do not prop up more failing companies.

a. When is the right time to get off a sinking ship?

b. Why should I pay someone’s salary if I can’t decide how much they are worth?


5. For when a Lib tells you Bush is guilty of doing the same thing… IE spending, or running up the deficit.

Former President Bush  would be very happy that you’re using his achievements as a yardstick for President Obama’s success…

I understand that you may not like or agree with all of these comebacks. If so, I urge you to come up with your own.