Michael Steele where are you?

Last night, I with many other Americans watched President Obama be a guest on Jay Leno; and I watched him make his infamous comment about the Special Olympics. Frankly, I am not suprised to hear that kind of talk come from him.  And, I immediately saw it for what it was. This is the kind of comment you hear from Liberals all the time– despite the fact that they claim to be the compassionate champions of the “Little Guy”. They feel they can make these kinds of remarks because they are cooler, smarter and more beautiful than the rest of us; and that trumps any contradiction with their professed compassionate and enlightened ideaology. So, we should expect more of this hypocrisy to come our way from these people.

With that said we should not tolerate any silence from likes of Michael Steele who was quick to call Rush Limbaugh’s CPAC speech incendiary and ugly. President Obama’s “Special Olympics” comment exemplifies the type of speech that deserves to be branded with those two monikers. So, Michael Steele, and the other usual suspects, it is time to step up and do your job if you want to have any chance of  being taken seriously as any type of spokesman for the Republican Cause.