Obama Supporters don't need tax cut

Two days ago Rush Limbaugh cited an AP poll stating the majority of people felt it was ok for Obama not to keep his promise of tax cuts since he was going to have so much work to do in regard to the economy. In the past I did not put too much stock in polls. But this time I will take the AP on their word; I wouldn’t put anything by Obama supporters. The bad news, if my lead off wasn’t grim enough is expressed in the following:

  1. The wrong path has never been so carefully laid out as it has here by President Elect Obama and his stooges.

  2. Our foes have thought of everything and have contingencies for every set back to their agenda.

  3. We are out-gunned by Team Obama– at least for now.

I could go on, but this is enough salt in some very deep wounds. Here is the good news… this tide can be reversed. But we are going to need to learn to crawl before we can walk. And the solution needs to start with you and me. So, here our the baby steps which address the ways we need to condition ourselves to espouse our message with confidence and clarity.

  1. We all have friends who are liberal. They are nice and decent people. But we need to have consevative friends as well( more than one). And we need to make a point of getting together with just them. This is so we can all talk about issues freely. If you are like me, you have had a very hard time standing up for conservatism with any zeal during dinner conversations with your nice but misguided friends. Any comments you have made have been tepid. Again with your conservative friends, get used to speaking loudly and proudly about conservatism. Develop strategies for combatting the idiocy from the other side.

  2. Turn off talk radio once in awhile. I feel bad about saying this. However you need to read some Thomas Sowell or Adam Smith. Or better yet, read the Constitution, the Federalist papers and any other founding documents you can get your hands on; eventually these will be the muskets you are going to use. So practice shooting them.

  3. Develop the courage to just do it… or just say it. Call a spade a spade. If someone says something stupid, tell them that it was stupid. Don’t worry about backing up that assertion. Just say it! Liberals speak their minds like this all the time and worry not about the consequences. We need to develop this type of assertiveness and power. It will be tough, because we have been taught to disagree respectfully. Unfotunately that does not win the verbal hand to hand combat that you will eventually engage in. I will explain more about this in another diary.

We are fighting a bloody campaign against people who are skilled in political warfare. They’ve been at this for years. They have lived and breathed liberalism. They started out small and gradually grew into an unstoppable army with steps similair to these. We need to do the same… we need to do the same.