Going after Obama's Supporters instead of Obama

A stand in host on Ths Savage Nation floated this idea: instead of holding Obama responsible for his failed policies, hold his supporters accountable. I like this tactic– I especially like it when I think about the sticker available from moveon.org to that says “Yes We Did”. I want to throw that slogan right back in the face of every person who insisted they were more enlightened than I because they voted for this man. My fantasy would be for them to wear this sticker 24/7 for the next 8 years. But all jokes aside, here are some real reasons why I like this ploy.

  • We will never be able to touch Obama with our criticism. We learned that from the Clinton Years( this said even with impeachment)

  • it’s high time we as conservatives start winning the cocktail and dinner party debates. One way we could do that is to make our liberal friends defend bad policy– as well as appoint them keeper of all Barack’s promises.

  • Their hypocrisy is just important as Obama’s. And there are a plethora of examples which are very easy to point out.

  • Ample opportunities exist to demonstrate the absurdity of their world view by insisting that they make all of Barack’s wild assurances happen… especially if he admits he is unable to do so himself.

The one thing I have noticed about Socialism is that it has embedded in it unreasonable expectations of human nature. Barack espouses these expectations and will never live up to them. We know this. We also know that he is going to make unreasonable demands on our finances and our liberties. Our liberal friends think they are going to somehow be excluded from this misery. We must tell them otherwise and rub their nose in it every chance we get.