Why Sarah Palin isn't the one

I like Sarah Palin for all the obvious reasons. But all through out the campaign season something about her never seemed to click with me. This is not to say that she can’t be helpful in inspiring the party. However, I do not think she is a suitable canidate for 2012 for the following reasons.

  • contrary to popular opinion, her performance in the debate was not good. She was wobbly on a lot of answers and sounded like she was spouting Mccain populism. If you want a good debate performance, refer to the Cheney/Edwards debate where Cheney took John to the woodshed. Then compare it to the Palin/Biden debate; Palin needed to be as tough as Cheney and she wasn’t.

  • I think we would do very well to hit the reset button and not have anyone who is connected with the McCain Campaign. Sarah is damaged goods in that regard.

  • We need a young hot shot conservative from California which would give us a good chance of winning that state and all of its electoral votes.

Sarah Palin can serve the party in other capacities. However running her as a canidate is very risky and another uphill battle. We don’t need someone who only has a chance of a narrow win. We need an electoral landslide for the purposes of both mandate and morale