Class Warfare

Here we are America on the cusp of the greatest rejuvenation of the American philosophy if we choose to honor our heritage. There is no need to reject our philosophy that has been time tested for thousands of years. That same philosophy innate in man still survives and can never be extinguished. I would ask what is the basis of the Left’s desire to bind human nature?. If you force me to surrender my wealth on the basis of your want or need, (That is theft). I agree capitalism needs adjustment but the adjustment does not come from abandoning capitalism it comes from abandoning statism. Government intervention is always subject to corruption it distorts markets.

The  Left now try’s to align themselves with the tea party to attack wall street. When wall street was in total compliance and with the urging of Washington to push their centrally planned agenda . Just as Obama and Hillary care are designed to entrap Americans, at last the country rejects this collective bond of servitude that big government endorses and seeks. The American people understand this health law will reach into the family’s every day life as prohibition did., America will not falter, as a society we are already returning to common sense. The left must understand their philosophy has no logical relevance to the nature of the free life of a rational human being. This is how the left hold power, as with the Romans it is the purchase and manipulation of the mob not the rational consent of a free individual. The left’s thought process is bankrupt it leads to enslavement not freedom. The view is not the benefit of America but the control of America. We must maintain the rule of law it is what sustains society but it must be a just society that emerges based on the United States Constitution and the bedrock of personal property rights. There is no more reason left to the thought process coming from Washington. The latest class warfare attempt by the left shows what a desperate bankrupt philosophy they will endorse to hold power. The far left is now no different from a Gaddafi or any other despot willing to sacrifice the rule of law and stability in order to hold power. This class warfare is a new low for the Democrats and if the American people are who I think they are, this tactic will backfire.

The Democratic party and this administration along with the main stream press embody the comment below, they now show to the world “how little they are”.

As in the movie “people will talk” Cary Grant 1951  Mr. Shunderson said to Professor Elwell

“You’re a little man,” he told me. “It’s not that you’re short. You’re… little, in the mind and in the heart. Tonight, you tried to make a man little whose boots you couldn’t touch if you stood on tiptoe on top of the highest mountain in the world. And as it turned out… you’re even littler than you were before.”

It is time for Washington to send power back to the states where it is best kept in check.

William Bradford