We must reinstate individual freedom going forward.

With such an activist federal government working outside the Constitution ( for many years in both parties) we need to safeguard our future. We must do it by reducing federal power and re-establish the binding restraint inherent to the constitution. We need to draft stronger laws that strengthen property rights and keep government out of our lives as much as possible. We have had a 50 year experiment in government expansion of the welfare state. This has led to stale economy’s and reducing the purchasing power of our dollar and loaded us with crushing debt.

Our media and school system have launched a massive attack towards the minds of Americas youth. A young man in his late teens the other day said to me when I spoke of the gulf oil spill ” why expect anything different, the politicians are on the take nothing will change.” I thought of our history when we were a CAN DO nation. I also reflected later with other veterans and I said you know what, that young mans attitude is our fault. As the older generation we could have voted these people out of office we could have confronted the mainstream media lies. As parents we could have fought the school-board. I think we are now awake and I am optimistic.

The problem is we are tearing the fabric of America apart by the victim mentality that says I was not responsible so therefor your property is mine. You see it when the SEIU or NEA unions demand taxpayer money to secure their pension’s at the expense of their private sector neighbor who must pay for it. If they don’t get their way they throw a tantrum and protest.

As Rome declined public admiration grew for the man who could beat the system. Fellow Romans said keep borrowing knowing he could not pay it back just take it. Most inhabitants of Rome did not work they were fed daily by the government and went to the circus for entertainment. The roman provinces were thrifty and did work and believed in the idea of Roman law. What makes our constitution more than a piece of paper is our belief in the ideal inherent in the document. It is that belief we must not loose.

Warren Buffett said ” a failed institution the CEO and spouse should lose their wealth if they need a tax payer bailout.” That remark is from a man who excepts risk and understands what it means to be a individual, not a crony CEO in bed with Washington. There is a certain amount of responsibility that legislators must accept in governance. And if not then what moral mandate do they have to led.? They become unaccountable, beholding to narrow interests. This is not in the best interest of the country.

If your goal is to destabilize the Republic then it is a traitorous view.

If your goal is to divide the American people it is a traitorous view.

If your goal is to bankrupt America it is a traitorous view.

If your goal is to reject Individual sovereignty as stated in the Constitution it is a traitorous view.

We have to become Americans again. One country believing and working towards the ultimate success of our society. The media and certain groups divide and separate us into black / white, Jew / gentile, poor / rich. This divide and conquer approach is unhealthy. I think there are some common aspects we as a free people can all agree on.

1. We love our freedom and hold it sacred.

2. We have an innate view of a level playing field.

3. We believe a well educated citizenry is necessary to maintain our Republic.

4. We respect the rule of law in order to protect freedom for all.

5. We reject unconstitutional laws that have a restrictive effect on freedom abridging individual rights.

I know this seems like a small list but I think it encapsulates many problems that infect our society..
So how do we answer these goals.?

1. Reduce the power of the federal government returning power back to the states and the people . This is where power is best checked.

2. Strengthen the constitutional rights of the individual. This is most important as our society grows with many differing views we must hold dear what makes people most free.  In other words how do we protect the minority.?

All the best America, I am confident