Hide in Shame

If the senate bill passes tonight.  Mr. President sign this monstrosity in the dark of night in the shadows. That is what you deserve the way this was done. This is nothing to be proud of. No TV camera’s no press you have challenged the morality of the people of this country. What the democrats do tonight is not worthy of a triumph. The democratic left have shown the lack of respect for the American way of life. Now see this country become American again with such speed through the rule of law that you will not comprehend how fast this will happen. God Bless this freedom loving country of individuals who hold fast to the historically proven view of limited government as the best form of government. The Left’s history starts with socialism and political upheaval, (Mid 1800 ‘s to the 1930’s.) The history of Individual freedom starts with Jesus culminating in the chronicles that begin with Cromwell moving forward to the Glorious Revolution in 1688 which sparked the greatest freedom mankind ever witnessed in recorded history. Many of this Whig generation argued the American philosophy we hold dear. Democrats that still hold dear American values vote NO to this bill. Rationality will hold true with the American electorate. This current legislation is not rational.