The Speaker says she never stops whipping.

That comment shows me how business is done in Washington, not quality with the best interest of the country in mind. What a rational congressional or administrative individual would question is what furthers individual freedom or restricts it within the nation.? That is why this current legislation will never be adhered to. By forcing this legislation as currently written you risk annihilating honest Americans when they break this new law. Tax breaks are a foolish answer to the problem. Hear this  FREEMEN DO NOT WANT YOU IN CHARGE OF HEALTH CARE PERIOD. I know insurance would love it and that is the real meat of the deal. Give us bodies through mandate and we will insure thereby socializing America. That is why insurance companies do not want true competition. What is crazy to me is that the insurance industry would think the US government could enforce such a law.? ( without accounting gimmicks distorting your bottom line it is the guarantee that you need.) Or even the risk of the Feds politically stand by it in the future, are you crazy.?  Members of congress think for yourself not from FEAR of the speaker or the president. Representatives be men and women from now on any backroom force they exert go to the press tell what deal was offered. The American people will understand the truth. America will stand by you if you stand by America. That is for both parties to understand.