Justice Thomas and Intimidation

My god have the left reached the point and sunk that low in attacking the wife of a supreme court justice to push there socialist agenda. Any true freedom loving democrat should break from their party now. Your leadership is irrational at this point. The American voter knows truth, stand by your convictions not the leadership. You know this health care legislation is wrong do not fool yourself. You are American before you are a democrat or a republican. This legislation if passed will be the death nail to socialism in this country. The reason is you will now force the hand of all freedom loving Americans to choose socialism or freedom. In doing so you test the power and force of the state to control the personal life of the American individual. Passage of this current legislation is not a vote of the brave it is a vote of the weak. The 111th democratic congress will be remembered as the Sodom and Gomorrah of politics. As a free man these tactics disgust me. Do you not know as men and women what you look like to your neighbors and other Americans.? Think for yourselves for Christ’s sake not a self absorbed group clinging to a dead philosophy.