Is it the media or politics?

I don’t see enough republican engagement (on T.V.) invalidating the problems with this existing legislation. From what is in the bill to why it needs to be passed NOW as is. The Republicans should be out front and center with the rational for real cost containment and as to the benefits with a piece meal approach to this problem. Keep Rep. Ryan,s Ideas out front as the alternative to smoke and mirrors. His idea’s are well thought out and ring true to a rational American.

Just to say democrats will loose over this vote is not enough. The idea that Republicans should just let the Dem’s vote on it for a 2010 election plank advantage is casual at best in this media environment. Or to give a one liner in response to the presidents dog and pony show yesterday. Keep the heat on showing Americans the common sense behind republican and independent idea’s. This current bill must end here  If not the republicans may find themselves bogged down in this same issue after the 2010 elections trying to repeal this same mess called health care legislation.