Washington Let Go

Washington you have to let go. Now consumer confidence drops again to a ten month low. The uncertainty Washington projects is paramount to economic chaos. Do you really understand the ramifications of your apparent desire to control the private economy.? Why would anyone invest in anything.

Lets go over it again.

1. Drop taxes across the board for corporations. (for a ten year period)
2. Drop the estate tax and capital gain taxes for individuals.
3. Scrap health care as written and cap and trade legislation.
4. Control spending ( honestly )

Look guys you may be to intelligent to understand what moves economies. In case you are I have some recommendations for all the administrations experts and czars. We are hiring (all the experts welcome) lets hold hands and sing we are the world. Here is where you can help. (UNLESS YOU NEED TO BE IN CHARGE FOR SOME REASON)

1. Health care. We need people to empty the bed pans and wash individuals who cannot take care of themselves. Pay 10 dollars an hour.

2. Cap and trade. The world is melting so we need people (including CEO’s of the major corporations who support this junk science) to go around and make sure that the methane gas released from cows and humans does not exceed the new EPA limits. This may be hazardous to your health so we will Pay 11 dollars an hour.

3. The deficit. We need people than can look beyond the next election for the good of the American people. Must be intelligent, a good grasp of history that refutes a centralized approach to the economy and a deep understanding that can only recognize the freedom of the individual as the only architect to an entrepreneurial spirit. Pay: what the free market will bear and the knowledge that no one holds a mortgage on you and your children’s future.

Past generations have surmounted much larger mountains than this This generation can do the same.