Embarrassing Again

Washington what the hell are you doing again??? Climate change science is dead. The populace will not accept the taxes associated with this massive junk science scheme. What you do now is again divert capital from sensible economic venues and steer towards a centralized governmental approach. Comments today were based on the artificially punitive price of energy to ween the American people from their addiction. ( I don’t need a nanny) The free markets across all lines of energy will allocate capital efficiently on its own. I saw an email the other day U.S. Dept of energy 1971 the goal (energy independence). Fy2010 dept energy currently 16000 employees and a 24 billion dollar a year budget. Something ain’t working.

Cap and Trade is a piggy bank for continued government spending. Nuclear great as long as they are free contracts offered to all comers not just union labor. The real question is why do you hide your agenda.? The answer is YOUR AGENDA LACKS COMMONSENSE. If congress thinks this is not apparent to the American people than look at two things your approval ratings and the price of gold. This is the best country in the world the bull crap spewed by the media of gotcha minute to minute analyisis is not America. The funny thing is the legislative and executive branches are not working for America but their own special interest groups. I would only ask this question , with commonsense could America tackle the problem of energy independence with out government interference. I say yes. If the administration would adopt a free market based commonsense approach to health care and energy by letting go of control, the people would be behind America and its government again.