Think Deeper

Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission. The hoopla over 1st amendment rights are upheld. Great ruling the opposite would have been a huge leap towards communism. I think the real argument going forward is the education of the populace. We have shown that as a nation we see the agenda that has been unleashed upon a free people but the question remains, where does the first line of defense start???  We know it is in the schools. A corporation can have the freedom to speak out as much as the individual but let us look at the power structure behind that right.

I reference Global warming propaganda and the total bull crap alliance between corporate owned media and government. ( By the way I know in the minds of these people it was lets direct the economy towards GREEN JOBS and that will sustain close to full employment.)  The public would rather be informed. With an informed public the Statist group has to understand that the argument has to be rational, not just spin.The only defense to this crap is an educated public ( school system) and a free press. which continues to loose readership due to the same previously mentioned relationship.

So the biggest fear to the global socialists would be that the greatest economy of the world would educate their children in American Ideals and the rationality that underpins our Republican  form of government. The control of a globalist form of government would never be tolerated by a free people armed with the philosophy of Individualism and natural rights. history bares this out. The teachers union,media and the federal government along with various others have been culpable in the deadening of our society. I see it in the eyes of the 24 year old college students that uphold the current administrations view of wealth distribution as if their putrid declaration was a right to decide without regard to 350 years of common law. As if the thought process of the central planner abrogated the rights of contract law and the natural right of man in a free society to reap the benefit of his labor.

What the socialist mentality advocates is that the re-numeration you reap for 20 years in business by fiat should be turned over to the MOB, (NOW YOUNG SOCIALIST GO PLAN YOUR FUTURE) The philosophy is based on theft. You would have to live in fear because you will never know who could take it away. Without the rule of law that upholds the right of ownership meaning property there is no country.

Wake up little masters on the universe to the idea YOU HAVE NO RIGHT the way you try to frame the argument. Be men first than you can argue.