Both Parties Still Don't Get It.

Great win last night. Now all the apologists will raise their voices defending the socialist agenda. They will now spin the defeat on how and why this election in Mass. went to a republican. I would hope the American people take a good look on how close we as a nation are being manipulated by the socialists within our government. The left have shown their colors in both houses. Let us not forget who voted to enslave their neighbor through a morass of bureaucracy with cap and trade and health care legislation.

This centralized approach of “one fits all” mandate is the crux of the problem. So I have to ask the American people what is the most amiable path to take.? What offers the most freedom to the individual?. What system would be superior at keeping government in check?. The concentration of power has always led to atrocity even if it is congress instead of a dictator. Let us as Americans live up to our heritage and take the pressure off Washington. Let us alleviate the burden of narrow special interest so they can re-acquaint themselves on powers delegated to the federal government in the constitution.

Believe me Mr. President and Congress we can handle our own lives without the media induced fear or the top down management you exert. It is clear that power must revert back to state and local control. Americans can see that Washington is incompetent and meddlesome when it comes to the individual. This is where the modern political authoritarian must step back and check their premise as to their logic. How intrusive should government be.? It is quite easy to control this impulse by constraining governments ambition to micro manage people and begin to look towards individual freedom as the goal, it is then our country will flourish again.

The Enumerated Powers Act, introduced by Congressman John Shadegg is a proposed law that would require all bills introduced in the U.S. Congress to include a statement setting forth the specific constitutional authority under which the law is being enacted. The pendulum has moved way to far to the left maybe it is time to discuss the reach congress has usurped over the years limiting the freedom of the American people.

Congress has acted as children so treat them as such. As a free people lets take their toys away. It is survival of the fittest. The fittest are the free man or women of the United States of America not a parasitic federal  government.