Is the Briantrust Braindead

Who the hell is advising the president.? All corporate fees are passed on to the consumer. That is why the statist corporations like PFE, GE and the rest know this health care bill will not come out of the corporations bottom line. I understand that these bailouts were wrong (except financial only because they were allowed to work on the American taxpayers dime so we owe it). This is what happens when you have a relationship between the government and corporations. Governments proper function is to level the playing field by uniform laws not pick winners and losers. This is what the marriage of corporations and government have wrought as they try to move away from free enterprise capitalism. The fear or deliberate planning of loss in competitiveness in the new global economy left U.S. big business running to the government for security and monopoly power. The politicians mouths watered as control was placed in Washington’s hands.

This has been the view and direction that this country has attempted while we still had a prosperous middle-class. We all see the result. It is not capitalism that has failed it has been a government who’s interest has been aligned with interest’s that do not benefit this country. I still watch the benevolent interest Americans exert, as to the disastrous problems in Haiti. Fellow Americans we know in our hearts what is moral and correct. It is not division and one group over another. It is our own sense of a level playing field that allows true competition not backroom deals.

The two biggest lies from the interests aligned with Washington are Health care and Cap and trade. The beauty is America is awake now.