Capitalism Did Not Fail

It is liberalism that is failing look at the new legislation its force and extortion committed on the American people. Liberalism needs to constantly come back for new sources of revenue. Was it Maggie Thatcher who said socialism is great until the money runs out.? It must be that congress is so afraid of an economic collapse due to their decades of spending that they look to heath care and cap and trade as the new piggy bank. The new fees and taxes that will breath life into the federal government maintaining the status quo.

History dictates a different story, they will spend this new money on other projects to hide their tracks. The new taxes and fees will fund an expansion of government. What the politicians do not realize is a new structure of fiscal discipline will not only save their jobs but correct the path this country is on. If this is ignored what else are we to think as a people.? I would suggest three things.

1. Stop this ridiculous heath care bill NOW. This will show the American people two things. First that sanity has returned to Washington and that our government will start to regain fiscal discipline.

2. We begin to take a different approach to the world. Stop nation building. Let large American companies handle their own markets hell the American taxpayer is asked to pay off some dictator in sub Sahara Africa to open his country’s market to GE or ADM.

3. Start legislation that returns power back to the states. The federal government is not capable of micro management. Every historical lesson shows this to be true.

Congress must start to understand that the American people are not used to such a level of intrusion. The socialist mindset says over time that all people can be controlled but again history does not bare this out. Everything is monitored or mandated without regard to the constitutionality of the law. Instead it favors GE or Pfizer. The latest eminent domain case where Pfizer would benefit from the taking of private property so they could build condo’s at the top of the market. Congress you need courage there is only one to blame and that is you.

I see more and more members of congress retiring. This maybe do to the revulsion of the current and past congressional management or a deep understanding as to the path of such un- American procedures.. I would say the American people are also disgusted. It is not too late to show some backbone and do what is best for America.

What congressional members do not understand is that we do not send you to Washington to create havoc. We expect you to manage (from a constitutional basis) what is in the best interest of the country. You seem to have no idea how you look to your neighbors. It is very simple be an American.