Another Sneaky Amendment

Wall Street Journal article at last minuet a provision is snuck into the bill to require small construction companies to provide insurance for companies with as few as 5 employees. The bill was introduced by Senator Jeff Merkley D Ore. Is it just me or could that provision be a way for illegal immigrants who make up a good portion of construction jobs able to receive health benefits.? Is this move to buy votes in the house.? Even Howard Dean admits this bill will not bring down costs as currently written. This bill will be a political nightmare. Take out a pen America and write down 3 things.

What does your insurance costs today.?

Are decisions regarding your health unencumbered by Washington.?

Has this bill brought down the deficit.?

I would like to see the answers after 1 year of the government providing health care services.

This legislation is criminal. Congress not only are you breaking senate rules to pass this thing but are incontrovertibly shaking the roots of our civilized society with the largest encroachment of government interference in American history. Your action is forcing citizens to loose faith in the institutions that have made this country great. The fault lies directly at the feet of the legislative branch. Congress could have worked in a commonsense fashion to tackle the problem starting with defensive medicine and fraud and abuse in the system while instituting a safety net. Instead you regulate and impose false economic mandates distorting the marketplace. Like Fannie and Fredie Mac you creat a huge mess, never take responsibility then throw more money at the problem. Eventually private industry must come in and clean up the mess.

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