Our Delirious Government

Congress look at yourselves, what are you after? There is no commonsense to what you are attempting to do. The nationalization of 1/6th of the US economy with mandates, jail time more expense and new bureaucracy is just stupid and asinine. The country is in recession this administration has no practical business experience, yet they cap private executive wages and raise their own. Do you know how this looks to the American people.?

When and if you really want to fix this you would start piecemeal with fraud and abuse. reduction of frivolous law suites and cross border insurance sales. With this lack of commonsense I can only surmise that your agenda is something different. It cab only be control. A top down central planned economy. That is socialism yes socialism and very unAmerican. Over the weekend senators make the point that social security is a government program would you give that back.? There is one difference, receiving a social security check does not open you up to government mandates that dictate my lifestyle as to diet exercise and mobility.

For any interested I was struck by a history channel program called “The People Speak”
I was taken by the star studded roll out staring Matt Damon and entourage. When they were done every malady in the world through history was the fault of American ideology.
I would suggest some of these new propagandists from Hollywood might like to look at history before America was a world power. Capitalism raised the standard of living in the world more than any known economic theory to date. Capitalism has lifted more individuals to freedom worldwide than any other economic philosophy. With the wealth you guy’s have accumulated in Hollywood through capitalism I wonder why your program was so anti-American. America donates worldwide Fy2009 about 130billion dollars in foreign aid. I suggest you all study history not the controlled brainwashing you received either through your education or the US media.