Socialism, What's going on Washington?

Socialism, 1 : any of various economic and political theories advocating collective or governmental ownership and administration of the means of production and distribution of goods.

I ask the American people where are we headed?
The EPA uses a gun to the forehead of the American businessman employing methods to control our lives based on junk science and sanctioned by the supreme court. Is it getting scary yet?. Except for the big company’s that play ball and pay for protection behind the government red tape cementing their position in the marketplace. Some people call that corporatism. It sure as hell is not free enterprise capitalism. The problem is the transfer of economic power to Washington. I would even submit that these policies socialist champion have led to the concentration of wealth instead of the distribution of wealth. This is not the fault of free market capitalism but a grotesque form that rewards graft and parasitism by various CEO’s in bed with federal or state bureaucrats.

Congress is out of control. Both health care and cap and trade bills are bad legislation. The union between big business and congress has overstepped its bounds when the combination destroys individual freedom. When legislation reaches into the lives of the individual to such an extent that they no longer control their medical decisions or the imposition of heavy taxes based on made up out of thin air markets like cap and trade something has to change.

Instead of congress taking a commonsense approach you scare the hell out of senior citizens in this country. Then you draft legislation mandating the purchase of insurance or face imprisonment. This is an unconstitutional force on a free electorate.

What is your agenda.”? I can only surmise it is control and its name is socialism. You argue that social security had the same response. Social security is a safety net that did not reach into the lives of people dictating their actions. What you can eat, smoke, drink, the amount of exercise you have. You say that level of dictates are not in the bill. When has government ever not advocated control when they are in charge of the purse. You proved it with the banks, GM, and the recent report on mammograms.

Cap and trade will even be more intrusive. The administration as well as congress should admit your short comings and realize your limitations. Government is to political and inefficient. The decision process is to bureaucratic.

Before you institute something that will be reversed either by a new congress or the supreme court think about the effect on the country. The road this administration along with the democratic controlled congress is on will result in a cold exile. This exile may last longer than Moses and his followers wandering lost for 40 years. As the American people contemplate your threat to our liberty we will now re-educate the current and new generations to begin a rebirth as we re-acquaint ourselves as to the question: what does it means to be a free individual, an American.? Throw these legislative drafts away and start in a bipartisan fashion that targets the problem not enslaves a free people with a bureaucratic nightmare.

We as a nation have nothing to fear as long as we hold true to individual freedom. The lefts view is collectivism and control. There was a great old saying, Don’t piss down my neck and tell me it’s raining.