Get real congress

Global warming: The media has spent at least a decade conditioning the young on the catastrophic effects of global warming. How does this happen.?
Was it the governments plan colluding with the S & P 50 largest corporations to create a fallacious market with makeshift jobs born out of junk science.?
Was this a scam to extract more taxes from American citizens to prop up the out of control spending coming out of Washington?
Was this a way of offering the framework for one world government by increasing regulation across sovereign country’s borders.?
Just some of the questions to be answered . Where does this leave us, our government and media just disregard the American people and forge ahead.
Does not Washington see the loss of credibility on their part.?
Is congress so beholden to big business that they will move ahead on this global warming tax scheme regardless of what the American people think.?
This is how special interest meddling distorts efficient employment of capital. Companies that are in favor of this legislative action are reprehensible. I don’t like pollution any more than anyone else so go ahead and create alternative energy products. Just do it as a capitalist not a fascist that grovels to Washington, bribes congress to steal from my pocket. In other words do it as a business if it makes economic sense.

The disagreement among congress is so irrational. This is do to narrow interest goals that are not beneficial to the country. Congressional loyalty and bondage is held by the small few that dominate the fund raising of the next campaign. Look at your actions congress and the validity of your arguments. This is not common sense especially in regards to health care and cap and trade legislation. You should just admit its about large government control over the individual and the economy in other words socialism and fascism. The funny thing about your philosophy being the (redistribution of wealth ) also called CHANGE and FAIRNESS is that through your interference the result has been a concentration of wealth including your own CONGRESS !. Your motives are already apparent and will be reflected in the upcoming elections. Cut the crap congress, centralized government is not that smart. Get back to limited government voluntarily before your actions reduce us to it anyway. The real question is why do you hide your agenda.?  If congress thinks this is not apparent to the American people than look at two things your approval rating and the price of gold.

As I write this Joe Lieberman is on the band wagon for global warming legislation. Yes Joe GE is domiciled in Fairfield Ct. Will this be your reason to vote for democratic health care.? Do what is right for the country not narrow GE interest to supply funding for the next election. Jeff Immelt should seek real markets not government created markets. This legislation is a straight jacket to individual freedom. Senators and businessmen wonder why the American youth are disheartened. Look no further than your own actions.