I would still be cautious

I would not rest, this bill is not defeated yet at all.

The media even reports that there is a big split within the democratic party.
Although they always seems to come together when the vote comes.

I have never seen our government so out of control. Literally acting as irrational gangsters trying to convince a rational judge that there direction is true and for the good of the nation.

Have you noticed the trend from the administration aided by the media.?

1. Float a test balloon as to the legislation.
2. Leak a statement the legislation will not be brought up or it is dead.
3. Then miraculous the legislation revives itself from the  ground swell of supporters and they pass it.
4. You cant read it passage must be immediate and they vote on a Saturday when no one is watching..

There can be no other reason for the passage in the house and senate totally ignoring the wishes of the American people ( not for a cause that is enlightened born of natural rights) but one that is CONTROL that restricts choice and expands government placing our nation further into debt. I would only ask, without the parliamentary games, do you really believe this is the road freedom loving Americans will be able to live with.?

If this final bill passes with the mandatory purchase of insurance or face fines or jail time you open constitutional questions as well as possibly criminalizing 35 million people who choose not to purchase insurance. Your view of UTOPIA must be balanced, check your premises your road leads to unhappiness. If your goal is socialism and control, debate it openly. I don’t think you have conditioned the American psyche enough for slavery. If you think America is ready for that level of control your allegiance dances to a different tune?. Americans follow the rule of law that is honest and makes sense.

As free men and women the spot light is turned on you. We are starting to question the true motives of both congress and the administration.

Do what is right fix what is broken do not try to increase your reach look to inhibit your control.

Your goal should be to relax control not increase it. Trust the American entrepreneur not shackle the honest businessman. Lower taxes reduce control for a definite time frame so people can plan. You will be better Americans for a slow approach with a transparent debate.