A total disrespect of the American people

We are told that congress will push through health care regardless of the public outcry over further debt passed on to our children. My god the president and congress act as though health care is a inalienable right. Does the congress along with the president fantasize that this is the Emancipation Proclamation number two. The difference is the defense of a Natural Right as opposed to a government produced entitlement. I would suggest congress and the president get out of fantasy land.

Mr President you are not Abraham Lincoln with a mandate. He worked to led the country to a higher calling based on individual freedom your crowd works to divide it for special interests and governmental control. He fought for natural rights you fight for the expansion of the welfare state enslaving all. Save your reputation and move to the center leave the socialist agenda it has never worked for long. You believe your mark in history will be “the man who brought health care to all” I would predict that you and the congressional members that support this travesty will be thrown out of office next election. History will say ” the day free Americans finally saw the enemy and threw out the seeds of socialism and that was the turning point to recapture our country and maintained our freedom”.

It’s really is up to you guy’s what you advocate works well in the cellars of Harvard or Washington. Historically centralized planning has never worked over time and has never worked for men who respect freedom and the individual. As free men and women we know that is not rational legislation. You see we would actually like to be left alone.

So Mr. president don’t over estimate your own importance. Recognize when you are wrong and become a great American president ( like Lincoln ) who freed the people not enslaved them with large governmental bureaucracy.

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