Come about and fly straight

Which philosophy requires greater force liberal or conservative?. The original concept of liberalism was closer to the Whig party or libertarian view concerning the Individuals relationship with government. The modern characterization of liberal is to signify more of a centralized approach regarding the individual with concepts such as fairness or equity in human life. From an historical sense once government applies its power towards enforcing (rights equity in life) and not (inalienable rights) as described in the constitution we get off track.

We have a constitution that protects the minority from the majority through the rule of law. The rule of law has been distorted over time by government mandates passed without constitutional vetting as to the validity of such rules. The enactment of laws to correct monetary disparity in society can have the effect of killing off a desire for most people to improve there position based on individual initiative and rise in society. Current welfare and affirmative action policy have such an effect in two ways.

1. The young man or women that relies on government handout may never progress past the addiction of the welfare state.

2. It kills the ambition of the young fearing their hard work may be usurped by a panel that values racial or gender diversity over competence.

It is this injustice that divides a society having the effect of excepting irrationality and favoritism as the standard. This is not a democrat or republican phenomenon this has been going on for decades. The current administration and congress have become so out of touch with mainstream America that they are shocked over the outrage nationwide to recent and pending legislation. The politician with the help of the media had thought that after fifty years of T.V.the population (with only the last thirty years being more a propaganda machine than entertainment) was dumbed down enough to push this centralized approach down the American peoples throat.

The mistake we make as a society is to look towards the federal government to satisfy our perception of equality (unless natural rights are denied). Unless we get back to a level playing field we risk depression and socialism. The entrepreneurs can not work against administrative sanctions protecting favored industries or the arbitrary dictates of large government.

Everybody is looking towards government to put forth their agenda not through merit but by FORCE crafted in legislation. Americans are upset because we have lost the representation that was present when government was closer to home and rational. The federal government has literally corrupted our ability to forge our life without apprehension. This is accomplished by the constant drip of new regulation, restrictions and fear. Legislation is accompanied by slogans such as for your safety, do it for the children or the coming apocalypse of global warming.

This centralized approach of “one fits all” mandate is the crux of the problem. So I have to ask the American people what is the most amiable path to take. What offers the most freedom to the individual?. What system would be superior at keeping government in check?. The concentration of power has always led to atrocity even if it is congress instead of a dictator. Let us as Americans live up to our heritage and take the pressure off Washington. Let us alleviate the burden of narrow special interest so they can re-acquaint themselves on powers delegated to the federal government in the constitution. Believe me Mr. President and Congress we can handle our own lives without the media induced fear or the top down management you exert. It is clear that power must revert back to state and local control. Americans can see that Washington is incompetent and meddlesome when it comes to the individual. This is where the modern political authoritarian must step back and check their
premise as to their logic to force a free man or women that governments path is superior to their own. It is quite easy, constrain governments ambition to micro manage people and begin to look towards individual freedom as the goal, it is then our country will flourish again.

Due to the great debate taking place nationwide by reason of such a gargantuan divide maybe we should do nothing until we have a good old commonsense American debate.