Let me be very clear

I constantly hear the mantra ” let me be very clear”  Well I am not clear with the true aim of this administration. We are told the main reason for health care overhaul is the expense. The private sector if allowed to truly work has the best chance of accomplishing the goal. I believe the real agenda is larger government and more centralized control.

What we don’t hear is what sacrifice is the left willing to make.

1. Tort reform no mention today in New Hampshire. Where is their contribution to rein in this concealed cost.

2. Where is congressional accountability. Where is their obedience to their own legislation.

3. The country will not heal economically until we know the rules. The only problem is when narrow interests ( both governmental and privately ) are involved sanity is not present.

The real lesson here is the Federal government has no business in health care ( except the destitute and that for the most part is handled by family and charities.) or many other area’s of a free individuals personal life.

The real argument is large government verses small or local government. That is what Washington is truly afraid of. There is 3000 years of history that points in only one direction and it is the latter ( small and local government is checked best )

So far the statement ” let me be clear ” is nothing but muddled water.