The Left have shown their colors.

The president along with the democratic leadership have put their agenda back two hundred years with their latest attempt at socialism. The two big legislative disasters that awoke the American silent majority are the socialists crown jewels regarding cap and trade and the takeover of health care. All the stars were aligned for the Lefts final assault on a free society. There is a financial disaster, bureaucracies in place to enact unconstitutional laws and the media enlisted to denounce anyone who questioned governmental authority.

The result is the outright rejection of this putrid socialist philosophy. The left have shown there colors revealing their policy of dominating peoples lives. They should not be let off the hook. The American public are done with the Great society, Affirmative Action and a welfare state mentality emanating from Washington. Going forward these legislators must be voted out of office in the next election. States should adopt recall measures to pull their representatives back from Washington if they cannot represent the greater good of their constituency. You see the true agenda is to solidify central power through socialism and economic stat-ism.

If the legislation was true and expanded freedom it would not have to be hidden and passed without being read. Instead we are told It needs to be passed NOW , IMMEDIATELY, WE CAN’T WAIT.

Mr. president you were not put in office to promote the pent up agenda of crazed left wing politicians representing a socialist agenda. I conclude that for the most part your election was due to a rejection of the Bush agenda for eight years. Mr. Emanuel and yourself should not confuse the two. You could really turn this around if you listened to America instead of the close little circle in your party. There are two simple principles you could begin to promote.

1st. Enact legislation that begins to disperse power away from Washington. It is locally where power is easily checked and best monitored.
2nd. Congress should be bound by the very laws they pass. (like health care)

The American people would see this as a true advancement to reform government. The point you miss is the American people want a reduction of government in our lives not expansion.