The Democratic 4 year plan

The Democratic four year plan.

1.  Mr Obama will tackle as much as he can without regard to mainstream American philosophy. Push the socialist agenda and capture more of the American population bringing about greater dependence on government during a recession.

2. Sin taxes on cigarettes and alcohol cannot give cover to an easy way of hiking taxes any longer. Now the government furthers it’s obsession to increase control over your life. Energy through cap and trade and health care ( a single payer option ). All in the name of FAIRNESS. America then hands over its freedom to government bureaucrats resulting in a huge federal organization controlling 17% of the gross domestic product of the country.

“It is different this time.” RIGHT ?.

I would say look to removing government mandates and leave the decision to individuals through a medical savings account system. Open up competition in the insurance field and watch prices come down.

Peggy Noonan ( Declarations. Wall Street Journal ) July 18th 2009
Knowing Washington as well as you do, I thought your conclusion on Hillary was possibly to exalting.

I hope this does not sound to Machiavellian despite my belief that there is a problem in America called ( Entrenched Government ).

Here is a little speculation.

Maybe a bargain was forged between the democratic leadership, Mr.Obama and Hillary Clinton when she abruptly decided to step out of the race for President in 2008.

Mr.Obama deal was never to run for a second term. The goal is to ram through as much of a socialist agenda as possible without the fear of low approval ratings going forward. The left knows these proposals will cause a presidential and congressional election backlash. The maneuver gives the left greater control over the voting class cementing their base. This results in more Americans relegated to dependency upon a welfare state mentality.

2012 Election begins and Mr. Obama graciously steps aside due to some concocted  excuse. Health reasons or maybe someone leaks his true birth certificate ( kidding ).

Then miraculously Hillary steps forward, fresh from four years of international experience as secretary of state. ( international experience being one of her short comings in the 2008 election ). The tough laws ( energy and health care ) are done, the base expanded and Hillary can run more to the center to capture the trust of mainstream American. There is an old psychological trick , define an emergency create a solution so onerous that people balk but then sooth the outrage with a compromise that was calculated from the start. Never let a good emergency go to waste aye Mr. Emanuel.

The problem is the American people who thought they were voting for CHANGE will not get reduced government but larger more intrusive government. Look at California.

Hillary in office is the same as Obama the same people are in his administration. As with the Bush administrations same people different party. If you add the years of both Bush 1 and 2, Clinton 1 and 2 ( assuming 8 yrs of Hillary and Obama 4 yrs you have 32 years of the same agenda ( large central government ). These administrations appear to be more interested in a international outcome than what may be in the best interest domestically.

Just a little speculation.