Bring it Home

**This is the exact message the McCain campaign must drive home Socialism and big government. Vs. Private Property rights with small government. I would recommend Mr.McCain read a few Ayn Rand novels and expose the terrible methodology of Collectivism for what it is. I don’t know if Mr. Obama’s life at Harvard was due to a scholarship or an affirmative action program of some sort. As I listen to his speeches there is no substance and everything is more spending and what government is going to do for you. I believe he possible may not know how capitalism and a free society work. If you had everything given to you by big government I can see how he can make the next leap in his mind to believe everybody should get the same from big government. The only problem is in order to carry out these plans you have to take from the rest. In a socialist environment force is acceptable for the collective good. It is this thought process that the McCain campaign must flush out and expose. These are the dangers of the collectivist mindset that Mr. Obama and the Democrats continue to work towards by redistributing your wealth