I'm Sick & Tired of Republican "leaders" Who Bash Our Own who tell the Truth!

Rep. Joe Wilson’s outburst, calling Obama on just one of his lies, received swift condemnation from so-called Republican “leaders” in the House & Senate. McCain was one of many who piled on for Wilson’s lack of “decorum.”

Maybe Wilson could have chosen different words, but give me a break! Wilson spoke for many of us who want to tell Obama that we are on to his lies on health care & other matters. For our so-called “leaders,” how about showing some courage & calling out the lies from Obama, the Democrats, & his sycophants in the press & elsewhere? YOU guys give weak rebuttal when WE, your constituents, are insulted & demeaned. You bash guys like Wilson & Palin when they tell the truth with much more vigor than you rebut the lies coming from Obama & company.

Think about this for a moment, “leaders;” if Obama were not lying, then Rep. Wilson would not have called him on it. It’s past time for so-called Republican “leaders” to grow some guts.