Healthcare Reform Debate Response to President Obama - My Email to [email protected]

Dear President Obama,

I am one of the multitude who opposes government-controlled health-care. This email address was set up to alert your staff to “disinformation” regarding the health-care proposals being debated in congress and across our wonderful country. I have not read every one of the 1,000 pages or so in the bill; I have, however read many of them & find the plain language of numerous provisions extremely troubling.

I also find it particularly troubling that proponents of this legislation are unable to answer specific questions regarding specific provisions in this bill. The answers given can be summed up in paraphrase as “the bill doesn’t say what it plainly says.”

Another troubling aspect of the debate is the behavior of many on your staff, belittling those who disagree with and question this legislation. As an accomplished community organizer, I’m sure that you could truly see the spontaneous organizational efforts by regular folks like me. It is reprehensible that we are accused of being paid to do this as shills for whatever the target of the moment is, especially when it is painfully evident that the supporters of this are being given purchased, pre-printed signs and many wear their organization’s shirts as uniforms.

It is especially reprehensible and reckless that a growing number of the minority supporting this legislation have taken the “punch them” comment to heart, and are now physically assaulting those constituents who show up to protest and oppose this legislation. As you may know, an African-American gentleman was hospitalized after a brutal gang assault in St. Louis. As our first African-American president, I trust you are troubled by this man being singled out for attack because of the color of his skin, as well as the chilling idea of citizens like this gentleman and, possibly myself, being physically assaulted because we exercise our God-Given natural freedoms recognized by the 1st amendment to our constitution. I implore you to renounce these physical assaults and remind supporters of this legislation that violence perpetrated against opponents in the arena of ideas will only serve to weaken the ideas they support.

There have also been many who express concern about the existence of this email program. I trust your intentions are to simply gain information; however, many of us who have studied history see parallels between this and programs of neighbors and family members reporting others to the government because these others didn’t “think right.” Many of us remember the “Enemies list” of former president Nixon, and fear this could be someday misused as a high tech version of the same.

The problems, as I see them, with our current health-care system are of cost. These revolve around a disconnect between the patient and provider as well as the patient and the real costs of health-care. These disconnects are caused by the current level of bureaucracy in the health-care field. There is not a problem with the quality of health-care being provided – even those without insurance receive health-care. History teaches us that inserting layers of government bureaucracy in-between the patient and provider will only exacerbate the current disconnects and cause a lowering of quality of health-care provided.

Mr. President, I am not your personal enemy. Those of us disagreeing with the health-care legislation being proposed are not your enemies. We may oppose this legislation and other proposals; we are, however, on the same team – Team USA.

Thank you for your consideration of my commentary,

Robin K. Ray


BTW: Let me assuage any questions about my email…

Yes, it was written solely by me. This is how I write regarding political policy issues. No, I’m not being paid to write this. I’m just a fairly regular guy.