Time for Us to Take the Fight to the Democrats

Ladies & gentlemen, we have been handed a great opportunity by the Democrats in the House. As you may have heard, the Franking Commission will not let House Republicans send information… This is a HUGE opportunity for those of us in the grassroots to take the ball & run it to the house, to use a football analogy.

We are the ones to take this message, this information, to the rest of the country. Get this information to everyone you know as soon as possible:

The Government Run Health Care flowchart
. This is the impetus for the Democra’ts censorship, & it is a powerful tool. Show your friends the maze of nightmares that GRHC bureaucracy would be.

5 Key freedoms each one of us would lose under GRHC.

Because he’s been a useful tool, Michael J. Fox would likely be exempt – however, regular folks with his condition wouldn’t be.

Facebook. Twitter. MySpace. Your email list. Your local paper’s forum. Other sites & message boards. It’s up to us to get this information & the message of the horror that would be GRHC out much wider & more saturated than could be done by Republicans in congress. Let’s do it!

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